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Welcome to my blog. I have put this off for months because I’m not a writer: I don’t have to write and, in fact, I would rather talk. But that’s okay. It might be best to see it as a chore now, because don’t all bloggers learn that sooner or later?  But then, as I was writing my first blog (coming up), I began to see the advantages of being a blogger. Clean the kitchen? Sorry, I have to blog. It’s my job, you know.
There, I’m already loosening up….
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6 thoughts on “Welcome to My Blog

  1. Mike, a friend recently said to me, “I’ve had my job for 25 years,” and I said to her, “I’ve had 25 jobs!” But you’ve got me beat AND you have much more time left for even more jobs! CIGNA now? I’ve got to hear your stories.

  2. Oh I did not know that! 😉 OK will set up a former co-worker blog this weekend! I will call it Blinked-In cuz time passes by so quickly! ;)Mike Manocchia, Ph.D

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