This is Not a Food Blog, Mostly

Eliza (Liza) drinking tea.

Mary:    “Come see my new blog.”
Eliza:    Where are the pictures of food?”
Mary:    “This is not a food blog.  Here, look at my Twitter page. I talk about nutrition, obesity, aberrant eating, and medical matters.” (All interpreted in the broadest way….)

But, of course, all of nutrition and life depends on food.

This is not a food blog in so far as it doesn’t focus on cooking, recipes and pictures of food.  I have my favorite recipes that I like to share and Tweet. But, as far as I recall, I have never taken a photo of my food.

My daughter, Eliza Hartley, does take pictures of food.  She is 28 and a better cook than I.  In high school, she wore a pin that said, “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” (~St. Augustine.) And you can see it in the way she minces the onions and dices the potatoes. Her seasonings are always just right. She reads and practices. (I am lazier than that; too busy Tweeting and blogging.)

I read the blogs that mommies write about how to raise healthy eaters. I did that without much trying, and so did my dietitian and hippie pals.  Compared to the masses, we seem to have a different sensibility about food. We like fresh food and lots of vegetables. We are proud Flexitarians!

For instance, last week, when Eliza heard a storm was coming, she ran to the Farmer’s Market to buy up the vegetables before they froze.  She came home and whipped up a big sauce of tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers, and eggplant (actually, ratatouille, light on the eggplant), beautifully seasoned with garlic, a little red pepper, fresh basil, and dried oregano. She puréed half and added it back to the pot, and then she served some on fettuccini with Parmesan cheese, and froze the rest for later.

Eliza lives five blocks away from me in Brooklyn, and we often share our food.  I am a truly blessed (and she is too!)

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