My New Gig with Diets in Review

Tada! I have a new cool gig with Diets in Review. I cannot reveal trade secrets just yet but suffice it to say I’ll be doing more videos. I had the pleasure of working with DIR while at Calorie Count. Here are my DIR articles and, to see my one DIR video (so far), scroll to the end of my Media page.

And – as I tell my best video critics at home – you have to gimme a break because it’s REALLY hard to speak fluidly and naturally on a scientific topic while reading from a teleprompter, not to mention trying to look pleasant (when I don’t come from a smiley family) and young (when I’m not) and to speak like a generic American instead of a Rhode Islander, and not to flub the words because Diets in Review has the studio and cameraman by the hour. OMG!  BUT practice makes perfect and I am confident about the nutrition information. I appreciate DIR’s faith in me.  Now, wind me up and forget about the teleprompter.

Fun Facts

And so now, at Diets In Review, my bio and ‘Fun Facts About Mary’ are up on the wall.

Here are two Fun Facts:
I Never Leave Home Without:  My NYC Metro Card
Shows I have to DVR:  Downtown Abbey

For more fun, please visit DIR’s site. And, please, overlook this shameless self-promotion. Thank you.

What are some Fun Facts About YOU?  Do tell!