Hello Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill!

I am Mary, Mary Hartley, registered dietitian and medical nutrition therapist. This is the homepage of my website and the place where I post my blogs. (There are 15 articles to date.) The blogs usually change, but now that I have a click-through ad running on the Brooklyn Heights Blog, I want to keep a proper greeting up for my new community.  I have a nutrition practice in the lovely, historic 11201 zip code area (and for everyone else, I practice here in cyberspace!), but in Brooklyn Heights and Cobble Hill, my new address is your address because I make house call visits. Read about why I support home visits for nutrition therapy and also read about when it makes sense to consult with a registered dietitian.

I hope you will stay and look around my site.  Please read about my Services and About me. I have been helping people to improve their diets, in sickness and in health, for 35 years.  Please leave a comment (click the thought-bubble next to the title; it’s like signing the guestbook) and feel free to contact me privately with your questions. Or, better yet, make an appointment and consider subscribing to my blog and following me on Twitter.

Business owners in 11201, I’m available for health fares and events. Let’s talk!

Thank you for visiting.

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