Talking About “What Not to Do” on the BQE

What not to do on the BQE, Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, Interstate 278, is drive on it if you can help it. It is an ancient highway, constantly under construction, with crazy route number changes, tolls, and traffic. That’s why, to pass the time while driving back to Brooklyn from Rhode Island with my lifelong dietitian friend, Barbara, and her adult daughter, Emily, I asked for help with an assignment for Diets in Review. My task was to write about “Everything That’s Wrong with Your Diet” and the article should “serve as an opportunity to educate readers without coming across as accusatory.”  In January, I might add, the word “diet” means losing weight; it is not about the food that a person habitually eats.

Making a List

Over the years, Barbara and I have seen it all and Emily has too. Our daughters have grown up knowing what and how to eat, taking it in by osmosis. For instance, as a young nanny, Emily told a toddler’s mother, “He’s not getting enough protein from that rice milk,” and I’ve already shown you the contents of my daughter’s cupboard. Suffice it to say, we had no trouble coming up with a list of 20 things people fail to do: not drinking enough water, drinking too much juice, not bothering to cook, eating in restaurants way too often, eating fast food, not expanding their vegetable repertoire, yada yada. You’ve heard them all. (The list is now in the landfill.)

The Finished Product

To fit the word limit, I whittled the list down to five things I commonly see people do – with the best intentions – but not doing themselves any favors. To my surprise, the article resonated with readers and other dietitians too. Perhaps you will like it. Anyway, here it is: 5 Things That are Wrong With Your Diet. Please share!

Your thoughts: What would you tell the public if asked, “What’s wrong with your diet?”