Dr. Oz + Raspberry Ketones = TV Hype

Gee whiz, I just dissed Dr. Oz as TV hype in an article today, Dr. Oz’s Raspberry Ketones Dismissed by Dietitian as TV Hype. (I’m the dietitian.) It’s an opinion piece for Diets In Review about a product Dr. Oz endorsed, raspberry ketones, a ‘fat blaster you’ve never heard of.’  I called Dr. Oz more showman than doctor. Read my article and see if you agree. But, hey, he’s in the medical info-tainment field. ‘Nuf said.

Show Time

In 2009 when Dr. Oz was first on the air, I went to a show. In New York City, the studio was close to where I worked in the windowless office, and I just had to get away.  On that show, he talked about zinc deficiency, a problem that most Americans do not have. That’s when I saw that Dr. Oz (or rather, his staff) liked food-and-nutrition games. The segment was presented as a game in which three audience members each picked a box, small, medium or large, that contained a high-zinc food and, in one, a special gift. In the small box, the contestant found beef liver with 4.45 mg of zinc in a 3-ounce serving (adults need 8-11 mg of zinc/day), and in the medium box, was 1 cup of sauerkraut, with only 0.27 mg of zinc. (What’s up with that?)  But in the large box, there was a huge pile of king crab with 6.48 mg per 3-ounce serving – along with a cruise to Alaska. The first two contestants had doubly bad luck because Dr. Oz made them eat their selections. Incidentally, oysters have the most zinc with 76.3 mg per 3-ounce serving.

Three years later, Dr. Oz is still playing games. In the segment reviewed, Revolutionary Metabolism Boosters that Blast Fat, ‘fat’ contestants ‘blast’ through a paper curtain to introduce a new product that may or may not work. That’s how info-tainment happens here in New York City.  Perhaps if I’m outrageous enough, I can get on the show.

Your thoughts: What do you think of Dr.Oz and raspberry ketones? 

32 thoughts on “Dr. Oz + Raspberry Ketones = TV Hype

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  2. I would really love to know how they get away with it,im trying to get my money back but no luck the phone number you are given only has an automated answering machine and tried E maling aswell with no luck what so ever, They took £417 out my account in one go leaving me with nothing to pay my bills with ending up having to borrow money and struggling to pay that back now.Rant over please can anybody help me ??????

    • Promise me that you’ll never order a silly diet product again.

  3. I find it so sad that Dr Oz, a person who should be an advocate for health, is ok with doing such a disservice to the public by promoting “quick fixes” based on poor or limited research just to gain. viewers. If he were upfront about the limited research Id be fine with what he promotes However, he narrows in on one little thing and missing the whole point of being healthy by eating 5 cups fruits/vegetables and working out for quality of life and disease prevention. Such a shame. when it comes to weight loss, no product can take the place of a healthful diet and exercise.

    I wish, instead he would spend his time and publicity MOTIVATING other to workout and eat better rather than misleading everyone into thinking they can eat poorly and just take a supplement. The research is limited and the whole point of health is eating well- a healthy weight is a byproduct. A healthy weight does not equal a healthy person.

    -Gretchen Fisher RD CD – specializing in Oncology and Pediatrics.
    Indianapolis, IN

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    • Hi Gretchen,
      I couldn’t agree more. Thank you for writing and those references – WOW!

  4. My friend is on Weight Watchers and is losing weight slowly but steadily. She started to plateau and started taking raspberry ketones and her weight just started melting off! I have never seen her look so great. She has been taking them for a month and has lost 12 lbs. Weight watchers would have put her at about 4 lbs a month, so, yeah, I’m highly certain this stuff works.

  5. Thank you for a great site.

    I work in a nutrition center, I get the folks who are home (mostly seniors) that practically run down (if they could run) to our store to get what the “great” Dr. Oz plugged that day. They want a magic pill!

    The only sure way to loose weight is to decrease calories and increase activity.


    Don;t forget to drink plenty of water too

    All free, by the way lol

  6. I’m glad I clicked on your site, as I was considering trying Raspberry Ketones!!! I’m disappointed to learn that it’s just another “get rich quick” acheme for Dr. Oz!!! I have a gfriend who swears by him and is aklways telling me what she found out on his show!!! Oh well, how does that old saying go….”If it sounds too good to be true, it is!!!”

    • Amen, sister. It’s sad but true. Unfortunately, most health professionals don’t trust Dr. Oz. His writers do the work; he’s just the front man.

  7. Check out the caffeine contents. That’s pathetic! He ought to get together with the poisonous “dunkin donuts”. Americans run on artificial stimulants!

  8. Wow ! Funny how people shoot down things unless its approved by the food and drug administration. While all the meds out there is causing blood clots, heart attacks, birth defects and not to mention the numerous lawsuits. I bought a bottle of the RASPBERRY KETONES and know this, I did my normal excercise that I do EVERYDAY. I had my normal meals that I have EVERYDAY lowfat, lo -cal. I have been loosing on avarage 2 pounds a week for the past month. After the 1st week of taking the raspberry ketones I LOST 11 POUNDS……EXPLAIN THAT !!!!!!

  9. I tried the Raspberry ketone 1234 by Creative Bioscience and it sucks. I actually was MORE hungry on the supplement. The one thing it did do however, was help me run really hard for about 30 minutes without getting tired, so maybe that’s how people lose weight on it. They get pumped up to do exercise cuz of the norepinephrine in product. Gee, you could do that by drinking a cup of coffee before you exercise and save big bucks.

  10. I must admit that I was looking for someone to discredit the great OZ and found it here. The only thing that concerns me is that in reviewing the comments there is never one that disagrees with you. I find it odd that there is no one out there that challenges any of your statements. Or could it be that you only publish those that concur?

    • I think my readers agree with me because, at this point, my readership is small, but you can find Dr. Oz lovers in the comments to the article I wrote for Diets In Review. DIR has lots of readers with diverse opinions. Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate it.

      • If this helps, I am a soon to be registered dietitian. Watching Dr. Oz is frustrating, and I fear that too many people take his advice without question just because he’s a doctor. But that’s just it, he is a medical doctor, not a dietitian. As far as I know, he did not go to college to become a nutrition expert. Therefore, I don’t think he should be giving out this kind of diet advice and pushing weight loss products that have not been evaluated by the FDA. I would love to know if he gets any kind of reimbursement for promoting these supplements. I think everyone needs to take him off a pedestal and take his nutrition advice with a grain of salt.

        • The medical professionals I know don’t think much of Dr. Oz. He has destroyed his reputation and made a fool of himself, but I guess the masses do not realize it and they are looking for magic. Dr. Oz is laughing all the way to the bank. Good luck with your new career. Dietetics has worked out well for me.

  11. Tried the raspberry ketones, and for me I found it did just the opposite. Within six weeks I actually gained fat around my waist and torso! I have always ate well and thought this would just boost by metabolism, I was mistaken! Wow was I gullable! Made a huge error in judgement!

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  13. The recommendations you contributed here are incredibly precious. It had been such an exciting surprise to get that looking forward to me when I woke up today. They are constantly to the point as well as simple to understand. Warm regards for the useful ideas you’ve shared here.

  14. Everybody’s looking for a magic pill. He should know better than to endorse something like that just because “lots of clients swear by it.” What’s next?!

  15. I've never watched the show but this does not surprise me. One look at him and I think snake oil salesman. on said:

    Perhaps he’ll invite you on his show and dare you to debunk his statements. If hedid, he wouldn’t know what hit him!

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