Tweet What You Intuitively Eat

There are people who “Tweet what they eat.”  I follow one, and I saw an entry on his/her Twitter stream that bothered me. To me it said that, despite losing 90 pounds, I’m at risk for weight regain because I do not think like an Intuitive Eater. The Tweet (not the actual words) was “three donuts with a mea culpa.”  My tip off was the apology. An Intuitive Eater has no reason to apologize.

How to Approach Donuts from an Intuitive Eating Mindset

The Tweeter sees donuts, and asks “Am I hungry?”
If YES:  “Do I want donuts now?
-> YES: Eat donuts, enjoy, stop when satisfied, skip ‘my bad’
-> NO:   Eat different food, enjoy, stop when satisfied, skip ‘my bad’
If NO:  “Do I want donuts now?
-> NO:   Walk away; enjoy, skip ‘my bad’
-> YES:  Ask, “What am I feeling?”  Walk away, soul-search, process feelings.
Ask again, “Do I want donuts now?
-> NO:   Walk away; enjoy, skip ‘my bad’
-> YES: Eat donuts, enjoy, stop when satisfied; skip ‘my bad’

There are lots of tricky questions: Am I hungry? Am I satisfied? What do I feel? Why do I feel bad? What do I want?  Also worth noting is that (1) formerly starved people – through natural circumstances or intentional dieting – tend to hoard food, (2) really hungry people usually prefer wholesome food, and (3) emotionally healthy people – who have the knowledge and have not dieted – tend to value nutritious food and learn to prefer it.

Your thoughts: Does this make sense?

2 thoughts on “Tweet What You Intuitively Eat

  1. This is great, Mary! I will pass this along.

    I’d like to offer another question I suggest to my clients to ask themselves in the situation you describe. And that is: “How do I want to feel one hour from now?” What makes this question powerful is that it helps you link to an image of seeing yourself successfully on the other side of the struggle. Try it folks – it works!

    Thanks again, Mary!

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