What I Don’t Get About SPANX

You might have seen the recent headlines about Sara Blakely, inventor of SPANX, when Forbes named her the Youngest Self-Made Female Billionaire in the World. Isn’t Sara a smart cookie to realize that women actually want to wear corsets?  Bloggers everywhere are confessing to their SPANX collections. No surprise there. Sara’s billions of dollars had to come from somewhere.

I own the full body shape-suit (Slim Cognito®). It does the trick but it makes it hard to pee. I read that Gwyneth Paltrow wore two SPANX at the same time after having a baby. (I want to say that Gwyneth is too much, but that would be unkind.) Still, we should take it for granted that lots of women have the In-Power Line Super High Footless Shaper under their jeans. And men, don’t go too far because there is SPANX for men too. Men can use the Gut Gauge to determine how much compression they need.

But there’s one thing I never understood about SPANX, apart from the full body suit: What happens to the fat that gets squished out the other side? Wouldn’t the High-Waisted Body Tunic make backfat and saddlebags worse? And don’t Power Panties® create fat rolls at the waist and thighs?  I don’t get it.  Is the fat Photoshopped away?

Your thoughts: Help me out. Where does the displaced fat go?

7 thoughts on “What I Don’t Get About SPANX

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  2. I found this article on CBS, and it tells the whole story! I think it is a mid evil torture device, and now I know it is for sure after reading this. I knew I heard this briefly on TV, and happily I found it on the internet.

    8 beauty dangers women overlook
    Tight clothing
    Neurologists have long known about the dangers of girdles. But until recently, when a fifteen-year-old girl came to me complaining of persistent abdominal pain and numbness in her thigh, I had no idea teens could be at risk. It turned out she had been wearing Spanx under her soccer uniform, and the snug Lycra garment had caused nerve damage in her leg, a condition called meralgia paresthetica, as well as her abdominal pain. And research suggests that tight clothing can cause all sorts of other health problems, including blood clots and bladder and vaginal infections.

    • Great story! Why doesn’t it surprise me? I once knew a woman with severe (hospital grade) asthma that came from gastric reflux that came from her innards being pushed up by a girdle. The girdle almost killed her! Thanks for reading and writing. 🙂

  3. I think that’s why there are different shapes, for people with different troublespots…. For me, I really need a lot of compression across the belly but my hips are fine so if the Spanx stops there I get a nice clean line between the Spanx and the natural curve! Also makes me feel less like I’m wearing a bodysuit…

  4. people need to get in shape and stop all this silliness.
    eat right and do some exercises!

    • But SPANX seems to be “what women want,” even skinny women, like Gwyneth, who exercise all the time!

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