An Over-Extended Family’s Dream

That would be a visit from me. 🙂

Meet the Sharkey family, a working couple with two small children. I helped them to make over their family diet. They were in “damage control” mode and they couldn’t see the forest from the trees. I teased out the issues and then recommended small, simple, specific changes that added up to something significant. Now, they are practicing forever. (Join the club.)

You can read about the Sharkey family intervention, “Hectic to Wholesome,” in Consumer Reports Food & Fitness, a magazine devoted to family health. See my lifestyle suggestions, product recommendations, and “kid friendly” recipes.

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Your thoughts: Can you relate to the Sharkey family?

2 thoughts on “An Over-Extended Family’s Dream

  1. Hey Mary, did you work with Gayle W. for this? She’s an editor at CR — and my former boss when we both worked at a newspaper. She remains, to this day, my most favorite boss ever.

    • Hi Joy,
      Thanks for reading AND commenting! I worked with an unnamed writer who was moonlighting for this article. She probably worked with Gayle. I saw this digital article, Family Meal Makeovers, written by Malorie Maddox of WOWT TV in Omaha, where she referenced Gayle. But no mention of me and my original ideas! Perhaps you can introduce me to Gayle via LinkedIn. Meanwhile, I’d love to catch up sometime. I continue to covet your up-state place. 🙂

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