A Bad Week for Fake Nutrition

Ask Me About Girl Scout CookiesThe food industry is on to “nutrition” as a buzz word, and it’s already out of control. “Functional Foods,” foods with a function to deliver nutrients they don’t normally contain, were on my radar twice this week: first, in the form of a new Girl Scout cookie, MANGO CRÈMES WITH NUTRIFUSION™, that DietsInReview.com asked me to see, and second, in VITAMIN WATER that is nutritious – or not –  as Stephen Colbert explains.


The Girl Scout bakery invented a new cookie, sans the trans fat and preservatives, pumped up with (only) 15% of the RDI (Reference Daily Intake) for vitamin B1 and 5% for vitamins A, C, D, E, and B6  – no mind to the hundreds and hundreds of other nutrients we need – and called it “a delicious new way to get your vitamins!”  Not so fast. Those cookies have as much sugar and saturated fat as other cookies, and as an aside, they are mango-less, but since they are made with the dehydrated juice of cranberries, pomegranates, oranges, grapes, and strawberries, I can’t complain. Just don’t say cookies are health food. Say, “Hey, we’d like you to try a new cookie and support the Girl Scouts.” That will suffice.


The Coca-Cola company is defending its Vitamin Water product against deceptive claims. Colbert connects the fake nutrition dots. How bad can it get?

Your thoughts: Are you confused by fake nutrition claims?

3 thoughts on “A Bad Week for Fake Nutrition

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the lengths people/industries will go to to convince people of things that are blatantly false. Even more, the fact that this sort of misinformation is allowed by governments is appalling.

    I can’t agree more with what you said, especially about the cookies – we’re teaching our children that these products are part of a healthy diet? Let things be what they are and leave them at that.

    It’s scary to think how future generations will view the terms “healthy” and “natural” if they’re used so inappropriately so frequently. What do you think?

    Looking forward to more of your posts; I write a lot about similar topics (nutrition, environment, food, health, etc) over at my blog. Check it out sometime!

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  2. Thanks for your comment. I am concerned about false advertising and misleading nutrition information.

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