One Way to Raise a Great Cook

Little Liza's Cookbook

Liza’s Personal Childhood Cookbook

As I recall, this is the time of year that gave rise to “Cook ‘Til You Drop”, the cookbook my daughter, Liza, made when she was six or seven. I can’t remember. The book,  including title and cover art, was entirely her idea.

Every year, when the raspberries ripened around the first of July, we’d say, “Where’s that Raspberry Cheesecake Parfait recipe?” Since it was the old days, the early ’90s before the Internet, that meant searching through a huge stack of Cooking Light magazines until we found it. Liza, having much less to do than I and forever the Martha Stewart, thought it made sense to preserve her favorite recipes in a self-adhesive photo album. We photocopied only her besties to make Cook ‘Til You Drop.

From that time on, Liza has always kept a personal recipe book. Perhaps it’s a reason why Eliza Hartley in the Kitchenshe is a fabulous cook today.

Here are two summer favorites from Cook ‘Til You Drop:

Your thoughts: Did you cook as a kid? Do you cook with your kids? What do you make?

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  1. I loved baking with my mom when I was a teenager into young adulthood. I was fascinated by how well she could manipulate pie dough, and really make any cookie, strudel, pie, etc recipe, no matter how difficult. Today, I cook with my little ones for lots of different reasons. And they are both blossoming into little chefs. I broke down and bought my daughter an easy bake oven (we have a full kitchen!). And it’s great. She comes up with all different ideas, and we make homemade Easy Bake recipes. Hopefully memories that will last a lifetime for them.

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