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Here I am quoted in online and print publications, 2011 – 2014:

ABC News, How Many Calories the Average American Eats on Christmas, 12/24/2014
A Woman’s Health, 5 Plant-based, Bone-Friendly Foods, 12/24/2014
Outside Magazine, “Your Sandwich Sucks. How to Build a Better One” (12/5/2014)
Diets In Review, 5 Things to Know About the New Food Labeling Laws, 12/1/2014
Diets In Review, “Jennifer Lawrence Bashes Gwyneth’s Gluten-Free Eating Disorder; Ed Sheeran’s Vodka Diet” (10/14/2014)
Shape, “12 Fall Superfoods You Can’t Miss” (10/13/2104)
Prevention, “10 Perfect Bedtime Snacks” (11/2014)
ABC News/Good Morning America, “Happy National Kale Day All You Haters” (10/1/2014)
Her Campus, “How to Avoid the ‘Foreign 15’” (9/29/2014)
Shape, “How to Eat Pasta and Still Lose Weight”(8/13/2014)
Diets In Review, “What to Feed the Reluctant Breakfast Eater and 9 Quick Options to Mix and Match” (8/13/2014)
NextAvenue, “Fiftysomething Diet: 5 Simple Ways to Slash Your Salt Intake “(9/17/2013)
Her Campus, “12 Foods That Will Keep You Healthy All Summer Long” (6/29/2013)
ABC News, “The 7 Worst Weight-Loss Diets” (6/25/ 2013)
Shape, “Nutrition Experts’ Favorite Brown-Bag Lunches” (5/9/2013)
Shine from Yahoo, “50 Ways to Burn 500 Calories or More to Lose One Pound” (3/15/2013),Best Food To Buy When You’re Broke” (3/18/2013)
Shape, “PepsiCo to Remove Flame Retardant BVO from Gatorade” (1/29/2013)
Hello Giggles, Girl Scouts Mango Creme Cookies Are Seriously Lacking Mango” (1/30/2013)
ABC News, “9 Fad Diets of 2012” (12/27/2012)
Shape, “8 “Dinner Foods” You Should Eat for Breakfast” (12/5/2012)
Gal Time, “How to Avoid Stuffing Yourself at Thanksgiving” (11/21/2012)
Health, “U.S. Cuts Sugar Intake, But Does it Matter?” (11/2/2012)
Shape, “The Most Surprising Source of Protein” (10/22/2012)
Gal Time, “Halloween Candy: 8 Little Tips to Avoid Overindulging (Again)” (10/22/2012)
HelloGiggles, “Mayor Bloomberg Puts a Limit On Soda Consumption; NYC Says, Aww, C’mon, Dad!” (9/14/2012)
Shape, “Controversial Large-Sized Soda Ban Passes in New York City” (9/13/2012)
Blisstree, “Spinach Can Hinder Calcium Absorption; Here’s How To Make Sure It Doesn’t” (7/26/2012)
Livestrong, “23 Healthy Salads Nutrition Experts Eat” (7/16/2012)
iVillage, “51 ‘Healthy’ Foods That Are Actually Bad” (7/12/2012)
She Knows, “New Weight Loss Drug: FDA Approves Belviq” (6/28/2012)Fitbottomed Girls,“How to Read a Nutrition Label: Your Easy Guide to Decoding Nutrition Facts!”(6/12/2012)
Shape, “How ‘Edible Stop Signs’ Can Help Us Eat Less” (6/6/2012)
Blogilates, “Bringing it to Light: Eating Disorders” (6/10/2012)
Mix, Twin Cities Natural Food Co-ops, “Enjoy Sprouting Seeds and Beans Without the Risk” (June 2012)
MSNBC News, “8 Tests You Must Get: BMI + Eating Disorder Check” (5/18/2012)
iVillage, “Dr. Oz’s Healthiest Superfoods – How Many Are In Your Shopping Cart?” (4/12/2012)
Men’s Health News, “The Truth About Antioxidant Supplements” (4/9/2012)
BBC News, “Raspberry Ketones Frenzy Follows Dr. Oz Show” (4/5/2012)
Shine from Yahoo, “Is Sugar Really a Toxic Substance?” (4/4/2012)
Shape, “Is Junk Food Making You Depressed?” (4/3/2012)
Shape, “The Shamrock Shake: What You Should Know Before You Sip and How to Make a Healthier Version” (3/8/2012)
Consumer Reports Food & Fitness, “From Hectic to Wholesome,” (March 2012)
Redbook, “25 Snacks for 150 Calories – Or Less!” (2/22/2012)
Shape, “20 Foods that Can Ruin Your Workout” (1/23/2012)
Shape, “13 Healthy Breakfast Ideas” (12/31/2011)
Shape, “Is Rooibos Tea Better Than Green Tea?” (12/12/2011)
Real Health, “Simmer Down! Whip up a pot of soup’s healing goodness” (Fall, 2011)
Everyday Health, “Are Carbs Standing in the Way of your Weight Loss?” (8/22/2011)
Today’s Dietitian, “Safe Gluten-Free Travel” (8/2011)
Care2, “Are Raw Foods Really Better for You Than Cooked?” (8/6/2011)
Venus Vixen, “Have a Taste for Super Food?” (8/4/2011)
Venus Vixen, “The Case for Super Food” (7/31/2011)
Diets In Review, “Are Raw Foods Really Healthier?” (7/7/2011)
iVillage, “Which is Worse: Chinese Takes Out” (6/29/2011)
Ultimate-Health-Fitness, “Creative Ways to Cook Healthy Meals” (5/30/2011)
She Knows, “How Stress Damages Your Skin Health” (5/4/2011)
Fit & Fab Living, “5 Tips for Creating a Fresh, Healthy Garden” (05/2011)
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Everyday Health, “Sweet or Savory: Have It Your Way” (4/6/2011)
Today’s Dietitian, “Build Your Own Bounty — Organic Vegetable Gardening” (4/2011)
Mint, “7 Ways To Save On Takeout Food” (3/23/2011)
Self, “The Dukan Diet: French Women’s Secret Weapon, or Atkins 2.0?” (3/22/2011)
StyleCaster, “Bathing Suit Season: The Foods To Dish or Ditch” (3/17/2011)
Shine from Yahoo, “Should Lent Be Used as a Diet?” (3/10/2011)
Endless Beauty, “Expert Interview: Mary Hartley” (3/7/2011)
Self, “3 New Ways to Eat More Fiber (and Live Longer)” (2/15/2011)
Ladies’ Home Journal, “13 Things That Are Good for Your Heart” (2/3/2011)
Self, “5 Easy Ways to Meet the New U.S. Dietary Guidelines” (2/1/2011)
Today’s Dietitian, “Technology Helps Kids Manage Their Type 1 Diabetes” (2/2011)
NY Metro Parents, “How to Make Delicious, Kid-friendly Meals” (1/26/2011)
Associated Content, “The Negative Calorie Food Myth” (1/21/2011)
Self, “Starbucks’ New ‘Trenta’ Cup: The Unhealthy Details” (1/18/2011)
ESPN RISE, “Stock Up on These Foods for a Mental, Physical Edge” (1/10/11)
Diets In Review, “The Best Diet Tips You’ve Never Heard” (1/5/2011)

As the voice of Diets In Review and myself, here are my original articles for online publications, 2011 – 2014:

Diets In Review, Nuking the Microwave Myth: Microwaved Foods are Actually Safe and Nutritious, 12/26/2014
Diets In Review, “Is Your Target Weight Loss Realistic? It Probably Doesn’t Matter.” (12/5/2014)
Diets In Review, “Are Your Kids Over-Fortified? Too Much of a Good Thing Puts Their Health at Risk” (11/20/2014)
Shape, “11 Bad-for-You Foods That Aren’t So Bad for You” (11/13/2014)
Diets In Review, “Forks Over Knives Plan Pushes Whole Food Vegan Diet for Beginners” (10/27/2014)
Diets In Review, “The Brown Fat Takeaway TIME Magazine Missed” (10/15.2014)
Diets In Review, “Pick a Pocket Full of Pawpaws: Sure to be the Hottest New “it” Fruit” (9/29/2014)Diets In Review, “For Dr. Oz’s Green Coffee Bean, Conflicts of Interest and Flawed Studies Abound” (8/23/2012)
Diets In Review, “Why Fermented Foods and Gut Bacteria Matter to Our Health” (7/19/2012)
Diets In Review, “How Many Calories Do We Really Need?” (6/28/2012)
Diets In Review, “ObamaCare Approval Means Insurance Mandate for All Americans” (6/28/2012)
Diets In Review, “PCOS Treatment Relies Heavily on a Healthy Lifestyle” (4/23/2012)
Diets In Review, “Potential Qnexa Users Better Off With a Salad Spinner and Walking Shoes” (4/6/2012)
Diets In Review, “Intuitive Eating Shifts the Paradigm of Dieting” (3/28/2012)
Diets In Review, “Mary Hartley’s Plate for National Nutrition Month” (3/1/2012)
Diets In Review, “Dr. Oz’s Raspberry Ketones Dismissed by Dietitian as TV Hype” (2/9/2012)
Diets In Review, “In February, Men Must Face the Facts of Heart Disease, too” (2/7/1012)
Diets In Review, “5 Things That are Wrong With Your Diet” (1/9/2012)

Diets In Review, “Vaportrim Claims Smell Can Trick Your Brain into Being Full” (12/20/11)
Diets In Review, “Healthy Cooking and Dieting When Cooking for One” (12/16/2011)
Diets In Review, “Congress Denies All Changes to Schoo Lunch” (11/18/2011)
Diets In Review, “Fall in Love with Apples Again” (10/18/2011)
Diets In Review, “The Whole Truth About Whole Grains” (9/15/2011)
Diets In Review, “A Summer Food Bucket List” (8/18/2011)
Diets In Review, “Inca Peanuts Touted as Best Snack for Weight Loss” (6/18/2011)
Diets In Review, “The Mysteries of Gluten Explained” (5/22/2011)
Fit & Fab Living, “5 Tips for Creating a Fresh, Healthy Garden” (5/2011)
Diets In Review, “Should You Spring Clean Your System with a Detox?” (4/17/2011)
WE Magazine, “Op-Ed: Wellness Services Can Be FREE or Low-Cost” (3/29/2011)
Diets In Review, “The Best of “Ask Mary” Valentine’s Day Edition” (2/6/2011)
Corporate Wellness Magazine, “Wellness Services Can Be Free or Low-cost, Thanks to the Internet” (2/2/2011)
Diets In Review, “Still Waiting for 2010 Dietary Guidelines’ Release” (1/31/2011)

On video, here I am for myself and for Calorie Count in 2011 and 2012:

BBC World News, New York City has formally banned the sale of large-sized containers of sugary drinks…. (9/13/2012)
NY1, Nutritious Snacks Can Help Young Kids Do Their Best In School, (9/6/2012)
NY PIX11 Morning News, “Back-To-School-Week: Food Swap” (8/20/2012)
Diets In Review, “Ask Mary: What should I eat for breakfast to feel full until lunch?
Diets In Review, “Ask Mary: Can Sugar Cause Diabetes?” (12/22/2011)
Diets In Review, “Ask Mary: What is the best way to lose weight while breastfeeding?” (12/16/2011)
Diets In Review, “Health Buzz: What Causes Salt Cravings?” (12/8/2011)
Diets In Review, “Ask Mary: Are Probiotics Good For Me?” (10/2011)
Diets In Review, “Ask Mary: Should I Take Apple Cider Vinegar?” (10/2011)
Diets In Review, “Health Buzz: Why Whole Grains Matter” (9/21/2011)
NY PIX11 Morning News, “How To Make Healthy Choices When Ordering Take-Out” (1/31/2011)



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