When Times Get Tough, Eat Placenta

Here’s a good one. Today I added my two-cents to an article for Diets in Review titled, January Jones Adds Placenta To Her Diet. At first, I thought the Mad Men actress must be from Brooklyn where Human Placenta Smoothies are supposedly popular. But it turns out that January is a wuss from L.A. She took placenta capsules.

Eliza, my daughter, asked me, “Why would a woman eat placenta?” My answer: because animals do it, it’s nutritious, and no food should go to waste. Since forever and ever, excluding now, females had to eat back the nutrients lost in pregnancy. After making another whole circulatory system and losing a pint of blood in childbirth, a mom has to recoup those nutrients from somewhere. The placenta is packed with iron and other and minerals, major and trace, and B-vitamins, vitamin A, other vitamins, protein, and essential fatty acids. Placenta is FREE FOOD. But as far as claims for placenta improving breast milk, increasing energy, curing post-partum depression, and whatever, well, iron from any source will do that. But placebo is FREE HEALTH.

Eliza then asked, “How do you eat placenta?”  My answer: as a blended drink, cooked like liver, dried jerky-style, ground into sausage, or dried, pulverized and capsulized. She could imagine a sausage because the spice might disguise the taste. That’s a good attitude because you never know when times will get tough enough to make us eat placenta. Read this feature article in New York Magazine, The Placenta Cookbook. As for me, I’m still working on oxtails.

Your thoughts: Will you eat placenta if times get tough?