The Road to Damascus

Damascus Bakery, that is, and Sahadi’s too, two authentic Middle-Eastern food markets on a stretch of Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn, that have been in operation for over 50 years. Sahadi’s is all about barrels of grains, boxes of nuts and spices, containers of olives and dried fruit,  hundreds of cheeses, aromatic oils, and so much more. Check out Sahadi’s Fine Foods Catalog and take the time to peruse the many nuts and legumes. At Damascus Bakery, the fresh breads and pastries are to die for. Roll-ups, meh, right? Not after you’ve been to Damascus. This exotic oasis is a healthy 2-mile walk from my place. There, I buy prepared food, dried fruit, nuts, and my beloved Olympus Greek Yogurt. During my visit last week, I took some photos, which don’t do justice to this Fertile Crescent, but still, you get the idea. There’s no reason not to eat healthy food in Brooklyn.