You Need a Fruit Cart

Because I’m a health blogger and a Tweeter – and I’m an RD who works with web developers and PR agencies – and I live in NYC – I’ve been going to some of the Social Media Week:New York events. On Tuesday, I was at Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness, an advertising agency on windy Hudson Street, home of the Health & Wellness Content Hub.

One presentation, Designing for Desire, was about getting people to change, a topic with which I am intimately familiar. The presenter, Jessica Hammer, a research fellow at Columbia University, explained how to think about change in terms of the changee’s identity and desires and what they like to do. She then asked us to divide into small groups to design an activity to promote “eating healthy” that involved making a change in a space (vs. on a computer…)

Eat More Fruit

Our group decided that people want to make it easier to eat fruit, and we reasoned that, in the workplace (our chosen space), people have related desires to socialize, take breaks and learn from one another. And so, we created the Fruit Cart to meet those needs.

The scenario: the fruit cart arrives on an intermittent schedule (better to get you hooked) sometime between 2:00 – 4:00 each day, announced by a bell. (The ice cream man!) The bell signals workers to leave their desks to buy fruit at the cart for a nominal fee, and then to go to a communal area to take a short break. We tried to recreate the social experience that smokers get to enjoy.

And to fill the au courant need for social media and gaming, we would make a Facebook page. We could report the money spent on fruit, and maybe there could be a contest in-between offices or departments, and at the end of the year, the company could match the money spent with a charitable donation – another contest to choose charity, right? There would be no limit to the games and content on our Facebook page.

Your thoughts: Do you think our idea could work? Would you like a fruit break?