How Not to Gobble Up the Goodies – and Get a Great Gift

Here’s a gentle reminder: If you keep your hands occupied, you won’t be likely to pick on so many goodies. And so with that in mind, I recommend knitting – not some giant, impossible project, but something easy and readily gift-able. I’m suggesting a no-brainer: this toasty over-sized cowl. The pattern for the Dobbs Ferry Knit Cowl. It is my Christmas gift to you. Trust me, it’s so easy and everybody loves it.

Well, east coast girls are hip, I really dig those styles they wear….

In his December 11, 2011 New York Times montage about NYC womens’ winter outerwear, Frosty, Bill Cunningham caught several fashionistas sporting over-sized cowls. They’re everywhere.

The pattern is from (whom else?) Martha Stewart and Lion Brand Yarn. Martha’s cowl is bigger than ours. You’ll have to decide how much over-sized cowl you can handle. We used two, not three, strands of yarn held together, and cast 40 to 50 stitches onto a Size-19 circular knitting needle. We ended up using two, not three, skeins of yarn, which was a real money saver. We adapted the final length of each cowl to the wearer’s height. Check out the photos of my daughter, ‘Liza, our close family friends, the Zuck sisters, Rebecca and Lillie, and me, all wearing over-sized cowls that we whipped up in a jiffy!

And so, how about putting that cookie down and picking up those knitting needles. Happy holiday to you!

Your thoughts: Will you make this knitted cowl?  If you do, please send a photo for our wall!