The Nutrition Home Visit That Changed My Life

I got a sneak peek at a magazine article featuring Yours Truly making a nutrition home visit with a family in Connecticut. Because the first week of January is the most important time of the diet year, I am sharing this now even though the magazine is not slated for display until March 26th.

The home visit was arranged the public relations agency that contracted with my former employer. The writer needed a nutrition expert to observe a family and suggest ways for them to improve their eating style.

The visit was scheduled for the evening of July 22, 2011, a day of record-breaking heat and humidity. It took several hours to get from Grand Central Station to Stamford, Connecticut because the heat caused the wires above the tracks to sag and get tangled in an arm that connects the trains to electricity. We finally arrived at 8 PM, but not to worry! Anytime is a great time for a nutrition intervention.

The family was so kind and good; I felt such affection for them. The mom commuted four hours into the city on weekdays and the dad was busy with his job, the baby and the preschooler. So much about their eating habits was a mess and they didn’t know where to begin. I have to say we zeroed in on the changes that delivered the biggest bang for the buck, and by the end of the appointment, they were upbeat and raring to go, much to the dad’s pleasant surprise.

You can read the article, From Hectic to Wholesome, to see exactly what transpired. In the final copy, the writer said that a nutritional intervention led by Mary Hartley, RD, MPH is “every overworked American family’s dream.”  Bless her heart.

That home visit made me remember how much I love working with patients.  Before that, I had been working with computer programmers to get nutrition messages out to the masses. I like consulting with programmers and the media work I do, but I love working with patients on their nutrition problems, and now that I’m doing it again, it’s a happy New Year for me.

Your thoughts:  How could you benefit from a nutrition visit in the home or online?