Click on the Cleavage

My readers know that I care about women’s issues: body image, fat bashing, and the growth of Internet porn. That’s why the segment on New York Public Radio’s ON [THE MEDIA] got my attention, Attack of the Reply Girls!

You need to know that You Tube places ads on their well-performing videos and shares the ad profits with the video producers. The Reply Girls have cracked Google’s algorithm as a legitimate way to make money. They identify videos as they go viral and then make a ‘response video’ that shows up on the right-hand side of the screen as ‘related’. Related videos make a chunk of change, usually for the producer of the original video who showcases his other (related) videos. But now, the Reply Girls are squeezing out the profits because they are so click-able.

Reply Girls create their response videos while wearing low-cut tops and push-up bras. Their heads may be partially cut-off, but their boobs are front and center. The Reply Girls copy all the tags from the viral video to make sure they always show up on top. Each Reply Girl makes 5 to 15 response videos a day. The UK Daily Mail online reports that a response video can earn $100 and up to $1,000 for those that draw 500,000 hits. The lead Reply Girl, Alejandra Gaitan from Canada, has been viewed 12 million times. Alejandra turned to You Tube because she was living below the poverty line.

Reply Girl videos don’t add meaning to the conversation, and the You Tube community, largely a boy’s club, is up in arms. One member, Skweezy, complains that “Titties are like Venus fly traps…We men can’t help it.” (Dude, take a cold shower.) Besides grabbing the money, critics say Reply Girls enforce negative stereotypes about women. But if American Apparel, Calvin Klein, Pepsi, and every Joe Schmo can make money on boob candy, then why can’t the owners of the boobs? The Reply Girls are simply working the capitalistic misogynistic system, and that’s how the slippery slope slides. All bets are off. But they better work fast because Google is rewriting their algorithm to treat the Reply Girls as Spam. Watch this Fox News report, Reply Girls are PARASITES.

Your thoughts: What do you think of Reply Girls?