Claire Danes from My Vantage Point

Claire-Danes Golden Globes

Claire Danes at the Golden Globes

Last night during the Golden Globe Awards, Diets In Review emailed to ask me to comment on Claire Danes’ weight. Twitter was atwitter: “OMG! Claire Danes, wasn’t there just a baby in there?”  Claire delivered baby Cyrus on December 17, 2012, and now four weeks later, “Claire Danes Post-Baby Body Rocked the Golden Globes.” What gives?

My View

I feel uniquely qualified to discuss Claire Danes’ figure, not only because I am a registered dietitian trained in physical assessment, BUT because, in 2003, I saw Claire Danes in her underwear at the Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show. Claire and I entered the pavilion around the same time and we strolled through the booths more-or-less together. I sneaked peeks when she tried on tops. My observation? Claire has a pronounced a pear-shape with narrow shoulders, a long neck and torso, and short legs. She carries her weight below the waist.

At the Golden Globes, Claire’s gown accentuated her narrow upper body with a deep v-neck and halter straps, and minimized her lower body with a fluid skirt, high heels to elongate, and a color that melted into the red carpet. And as I’ve already explained, those stars wear Spanx. BTW: Claire has great posture.

Claire looked slim last night, but her arms are not too skinny. (The Statue of Liberty’s arm is my reference point) Claire probably gained the recommended amount of weight during her pregnancy. Her baby weighed around 7 pounds, he is in good health, and Claire is successfully breast feeding. Claire is known for eating wholesome, minimally-processed foods and she probably exercises with a trainer. She knows how to pose for the camera, she looks healthy, and her post-baby body does indeed rock.

You thoughts: Did you watch Claire Danes last night? What do you think?

Ode to The Statue of Liberty

When I heard that it is the Statue of Liberty’s 125th birthday (I know how she feels), I decided to write my first blog.

I have always been in awe of Ms Liberty’s physical characteristics. (That’s the nutritionist talking.) She’s just so strong and so healthy and so perfectly proportioned. Even featured, truly physically attractive, but I especially love her arm.

Back in my Rhode Island office, I had a picture of the Statue of Liberty taped onto a mirror. I used her arm as a reference point for what an arm should look like. I figure that, if construction started in 1875, then there were no media (okay, photography was invented), but there were no bathroom scales and, seriously, how many people had mirrors?  And there was no processed food, and no super-abundance, and no energy-saving conveniences.  And that’s what the epitome of beauty looked like?  hmm-mm

I’d say the Statue of Liberty, has a BMI of 23-24, but who can say what’s under that dress, and as we all know, muscle-is-heavy.  But, really, her standard for beauty is no longer ‘in’.  How many media personalities have her arm?  None. Their BMIs seem to be 17-20. What a shame.

Either way, I hope that, going forward, you’ll remember the Statue of Liberty’s arm. I’m also glad I moved to New York City so I can be closer to her.

Question:  What’s your take on the Statue of Liberty’s arm?